Risby Village Hall Green Aspirations

Risby Village Hall aspires to think about the impact on the environment and how we can minimise or mitigate our actions.

Risby Village Hall Voluntary Trust: Environmental Policy

Our aim is for Risby Village Hall and its grounds to become carbon neutral by 2030. In 2019 we planned to do this as follows:

Green energy

Switching our utility energy supplier to one providing 100% green energy (2020)

Environmentally friendly

All products used at the Hall will be from environmentally friendly brands (2020 onwards)


Reducing our reliance on oil heating by switching to electric heaters (2020)


Improving insulation of walls and roofs (2020)

Tree Planting

Planting and maintaining trees and shrubs along our boundaries (2020-2030)

Solar energy

Installing solar panels on the small and large hall roofs (2021-22)

Energy storage

Installing battery storage systems to complement our PV solar panels (2021-22)


Expanding our current recycling depot from glass, paper and ink cartridges to include books, batteries, shoes and clothing (2022-23)

Energy saving

Upgrading kitchen and other electrical appliances with more energy efficient systems (2020-30)

Electric car charging

Introduce electric car charging points (2023-24)

Windows glazing

Replacing doors and windows with triple glazed fittings (2024-26)


Introducing a secure bicycle parking station (2025)

Public Transport

Encouraging and promoting car sharing for users of our facilities and promoting improved access to the Hall by public transport (2020-2030)

Air heat pumps

Installing an underfloor air heat pump exchange system to augment the electric heating system (2028)

Parking restrictions

Banning access to non-essential vehicles powered by internal combustion engines from accessing our grounds (2030)

 Since then we have delivered, or are well on the way to achieving,  all the above within the time frames stated.

Get Involved

Would you like to to contribute to the efforts that the current committee do to maintain and improve these vital facilities?

If you think you up to the task and would like to find out more, then speak our email one of the current committee members to find out more.


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